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New Orleans Pralines

  • 2 lbs. granulated
  • 1 # brown sugar
  • 1 lb. Pecan halves (not salted)
  • 1 pt. water
  • 1/8 teaspoon cream of tartar
  • 1/2 oz.  mapleine flavor


  1. a bun pan with round indentations of about 3 in. in diameter is used to make the pralines in round shapes.
  2. Grease pans with pure lard.

Step I

Place all the above ingredients in copper kettle and mix well.  Cook up to 236° F.  Do not stir while cooking.  Wash down the crystals on the sides of the batch at least twice while cooking, using brush dipped in hot water.

Step II

Take off fire at 236° F.  Stir continuously for four minutes.

Step III

Dip the syrup out into the round indentation of the greased bun pans, approximately 2 oz. of syrup per praline.

Special Comments

  1. The best pralines are those with the sugary texture of maple sugar.  The batch should be grainy.  The stirring in Step II puts the grainy texture in pralines.
  2. Pralines may be displayed in cellophane envelopes or individually wrapped in cellophane.
  3. Pralines will last 8 to 10 days.
  4. Pralines may be dipped out on wax paper if no pans are available.
  5. The pralines will not set if Step II is omitted.

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  1. Loved the story and recipes. Such a wonderful memory of the bakery and of the family

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