French Bon Bons Image

French Bon Bons

(coconut Royal Bon Bon Centers)


  • 1 lb. honey
  • glucose


  • 1/2 oz. liquid vanilla
  • 1 level teaspoon salt


  • 2 lbs. macaroon coconut


  1. Measure 3 lbs. fondant
  2. Obtain bon-bon dipping fork.
  3. Large piece of wax paper.
  4. Pecan halves or blazed cherry halves as desired.

Step I

Place (A) in kettle and bring to boil.

Step II

Turn off fire and add (B).  Mix (B) in well and add (C).  After adding (C) coconut, stir until syrup is completely absorbed.

Step III

Roll batch into small balls for dipping.

Step IV

Take 3 lbs. fondant heat in double boiler.  Stir until fondant is soft.

Step V

Place coconut balls into fondant, push ball down with bon-bon dipping fork until completely covered.  Then lift bon-bon out with the fork.

Step VI

Turn over on wax paper.  Place a pecan half or cherry half on the bon-bon.  

Special Comments

  1.  Maraschino cherries are not recommended for topping, since acid will eat through the fondant.
  2. Fresh strawberries and cherries may be dipped in the same fashion, using stems instead of dipping fork.
  3. Fresh fruit bon-bons must be eaten the same day as prepared, since the acid will eat through the fondant.

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