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California Pecan Fudge


  • 8 lbs. sugar
  • 5 lbs. glucose
  • 2 qts. 12% cream
  • 1 lb. butter


  • 12 lbs. fondant 


  • 2 oz. salt (Pete 3 oz.)
  • 2 oz. vanilla


  1. Obtain 5 flat pans about 12″ X 16″
  2. Grease with butter or pure lard.
  3. Measure all ingredients.

Step I

Place ingredients under (A) in kettle and mix well.  Cook up to 240° F. (Pete 244°) stirring constantly while cooking to prevent burning.

Step II

Take off fire at 240° F. (244°) and add (B).  Mix the fondant into the batch with a large wooden paddle.  

Step III

After fondant is completely dissolved add (C).  Stir every 3 or 4 minutes until batch stirs heavily.  This takes approx. 25 min.

Step IV

Pour into buttered pans.  For best results, place pans on racks for quicker cooling.  Quick cooling gives a high gloss.  Do not place in ice box as dampness tends to make it sticky.

Special Comments.

  1. During hot weather fudge should be cooked to 244° F. if by chance the batch is too soft cook up to 2° F. higher on the next you prepare until you find the proper temperature.  Be sure thermometer tests to 212° F. in boiling water.
  2. Nuts may be added as desired.  If pecans are sprinkled on top rather than mixed in only half as many pecans are needed.  Press down with a flat pan after sprinkling on the fudge.
  3. Batches can be split for different flavors, such as chocolate, vanilla or maple.
  4. The vanilla flavored fudge is poured off first, since vanilla is already in fudge.  Then to another lot, add liquid burnt sugar (about 2 tablespoon to 15 lbs. of fudge) and 1 oz. mapleline flavor for maple fudge.  Stir in well for a golden maple texture.
  5. For chocolate fudge, add liquor chocolate (10 oz. to about 15 lbs. fudge) and stir in well.  If a darker fudge is desired add 1 or 2 more ounces of chocolate.  If in the process of making, the batch becomes stiff, put on fire for a minute, until batch pours easily.
  6. Candy sellers find chocolate fudge sells 3 to 1 over other flavors.
  7. Fudge which has lost its gloss may be made to look better by rubbing top of fudge with a cloth dipped in coconut oil.
  8. Liquor chocolate is any dark bitter chocolate bar.

Pete’s version

(Add 2# marshmallow if you want lighter.) 

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